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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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her daughter pregnant. joining me now, the fact they came back in six hours what, does that say to you about the insanity defense in. >> it's to prove and utilize in virginia, especially in this face, the packs and investigation done by the police and that pretty much foreclosed the defense issue from the beginning. and the police investigation indicated she knew what she was doing w. that kind of police work, it's difficult irrespective of what the experts say. >> and light look at the sentencing phase which begun after the verdict was read n. this testimony at the sentencing, her father and mother of angelynn testified that the father said she was a gift and no matter what, she would brighten your day. no parents should have to lose their kids under any circumstances. i don't believe for a second any parent should bury their
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child. he was followed by the defendant's daughter and mother. we can't have her anymore. we can't eat breakfast with her or go to the park with her or play. it's hard for us to go to her room. she'll never be able to start kindergarten. i can't teach her how to put makeup o. we can't teach her how to drive. she won't have those milestones, she won't grow up. now, what does that say to the jury as they weigh their sentencing decision now? >> that shows the jury the impact in very few words what is going to be for a lifetime on this mother and father and the family. the death of a child is a tragedy and there is no winner irrespective of what the sentence is in this case. the jurors are going to fobs on their own experiences and what rit's like to have their own children and grandchildren and what it could be like to lose one of them. in terms of determining the
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appropriate sanction for this sort of conduct. i would not expect there to be a lot of time ecpended in the decision -- exended in the decision. i think most have discussed this about the decision of guilt first-degree murder is a major penalty. >> what we're talking about is a potential life sentence or as little as 20 years and arguing for a life sentence, the commonwealth attorney said that she was tossd into space like a piece of trash for selfish reasons. and that is the one of the part of it. the deputy defendant said she feels -- it may not have risen to the level of ensanity in your mind, but she did have mental illness. will that factor in? this is a 51-year-old woman who had mental health issues and how will that weigh in on the decision of between years oner life? >> reporter: it didn't factor
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in on the innocence or guilt phase. the prosecutor and public defendant did a fine job on that phase of the case. the sentencing phase was truncated in terms of witnesses and that took place in a half hour or so of the the jurors will rely upon the mental health component and the lack of records. i didn't see any evidence of remorse. what happens in the courtroom and what the jury sees is what they decide. >> hard to tell what the jury will come back with. thank you very much, i appreciate you joining us and this is a sentencing phase right now, de la rosa could get between 20 years to life in prison and that would be a life sentence. shape back to you. >> sherri ly -- shawn, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. and now to a developing story in the district.
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hundreds are rallying in d.c. today. >> they're bringing the wall street protest to our backyard and we're covering every angle of the demonstrations with matt ackland and paul wagner and we're live in northwest with more. paul? >> reporter: shawn, people have been protesting here all day long and they were listening to speakers, including comedienne and activist dick growing greggory and lis -- dick gregory and then they stepped off and headed to lafayette park and the chamber of commerce. we'll show you the video now of what we shot a few hours ago. the people here were protesting's number of things, including the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the federal reserve, the unemployment rate, home foreclosures and wall street greed. some of the signs that we saw included how is the war economy working out for you. when they got up to the chamber of commerce, that were shouting where are the jobs and they were also shouting whose streets, our streets and we're
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the 99% and earlier today, we talked to some folks about why that were here and this is what they have to say. >> i'm an unemployed superhero and i'm here to make the point the education crisscrossis and debt crisis are as important as all the things people are discussing here and we're enslaving the next generation with a lifetime of crippling debt and we need to liberate them and give them good meaningful jobs to use their youth, passion, and energy. >> i'm here to protest the war in afghanistan among other things and my son joined the army in january and started investigating the reasons why we're there and bombing six different countries, started looking into that and that scared me. >> and coming in this morning on the metro you hear the recordings going off and i think it's good to use their own advice. i am doing what janet
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napolitano would have wanted of me. and i see some construction going on and i'm going to say something. >> reporter: after they left the chamber of commerce, they came back here to freedom plaza and many of them have dispersed since and a few hundred remain in the plaza. we have not seen any civil desobedience. and after freedom plaza, they were on the move and their second destination of the day? the chamber of commerce in northwest. that is where matt ackland is live with the rest of the story. matt? >> reporter: when you compare this protest to other protests we have seen in the district of columbia the last few years, this is really pretty small. a couple of hundred protestors and boy that were vocal. they left freedom plaza and went behind the white house behind me and to the chamber of commerce. i want to get you video there. in front of the chamber of commerce, you can see a big sign. it says jobs. the problem is that the protestors say the chamber of commerce is not doing enough to
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help americans find jobs and as the protestors blocked off eighth street, they chanted where are the jobs and referred to the chamber of commerce as a commerce of corporate hires and there were several speeches from those upset about the economy and the jobs available formers. >> i work at a minimum wage job in tennessee for $7.45 an hour and i don't trust my future is secure in the middle class. this chamber does not represent small businesses. it does not represent our families. >> i want to spoke on behalf of the soldiers who put their lives on the line to give their blood and sweat and bravery to this country and then they come back to miserable conditions. they don't get the proper benefits they deserve, they don't get the mental health or medical care and don't get the civilian jobs toent great back
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into society. >> 8th street behind me was closed in an hour and there were rumors about some civil diso beadence and some people getting arrested in front of the chamber of commerce and that never took place. >> where you are, it seems traffic is moving fine. do you know anywhere elsewhere a traffic is a problem and. >> fromha i have been hearing nd looking on twitter the dp police department that everyone is back where paul is freedom plaza and some traffic is flowing as well as it can. >> okay. and to the north of us wild scenes on wall street where protests have turned violent. demonstrators fought with police last night. the protestors trade pushing through barricades, the police stepped in with pepper spray and night sticks forcing them back. the new york governor understands the frustration among the protestors. >> to the west coast in los angeles, hundreds of people as you can see here, marchs in the financial district.
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-- march negligent financial district. they're targeting a bank high- rise and holding signs and chanting slogans against corporate greed. the organizers worked with them to ensure a peaceful demonstration and we can tell you there were no arrests there. we want to invite to you go to for the latest on the occupy d.c. protest and the demonstrations on wall street. just click on local or national news to follow all the developments. to a fox 5 news alert. a car hit and killed a woman this afternoon on connecticut avenue near the zoo. the accident shut down connecticut between mecomb street and cathedral avenue for some time. we're told the driver stayed on the scene to talk to police. the memorial for steve jobs is growing tonight. the customers and employees have been gathering at the store and leaving mementos, paying their respects to the apple cofounder who died yesterday at the age of 56. a similar scene outside of thep apple sore on on the apple store in georgetown.
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melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: you know one of the most interesting things that i have obsend was here. people pulling out their iphones to take pictures here and a lot of people were talking about how many things they use every day that steve jobs was responsible for creating and i wanted to know how the contemporaries were thinking and feeling today, so i paid a visit to ted leonces, who is, we know as the opener of the washington capitals and an aol executive who worked with steve jobs. now, an ipod with two words: thank you. small tributes left outside of apple stores in memory of the big way steve jobs touched so many lives. >> you have a computer in your hand everywhere you go. it's -- he's brought us closer to star trek. people have. >> i think that he represented a lot of what my generation
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hopes even big business can achieve. and in a creative and responsible way. >> reporter: steve jobs makes computers accessible, fun, and easy to use and continued to innovate. not just creating amazing products but revolutionizing the industry's connected to them. and with gijoy towns and the. >> i joy pod the music was easier than ever toba -- buy, listen to and to share. >> the ipod the ipad, the iphone, apple tv they're just like oxygen for so many people. you just live your life with them. >> reporter: washington capitals opener began his career in the computer -- owner began his career in the computer industry about the time steve job and his company created the mcintosh personal computer and worked together on several projects over the years. >> he was a very, very driven,
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focused, passionate person and made you do things that, frankly, you didn't think were possible. >> when jobs was pushed out of his own company in 1985, he went on to pixar studios and sent digital any make to a new level and returned to apple in 1996, launched the imac in 1998 and the rest they say s history. >> that he made something really complex. very simple and populous and made something that was ugly and nerdy beautiful and cool. and he did it well, relentlessness that made him a legend you know and we really lost a, you know once-in-a- generation kind of guy. >> reporter: among the thoughts of ted leonces, he said the loss of steve jobs to the business world and the world of
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consumer products is very similar to what the music world went through when john lennon died. he also said that steve jobs created a company that represents the best of america. and he was also a pretty good guy. shawn? >> indeed. he left more than a day at the universe. thank you. the conrad murray trial captured the attention of the country. we're following today's courtroom twists and turns live in los angeles coming up next. and also tonight, the search is on for this missing 10 month ole baby stolen from her home in the middle of the night. tonight, her parents are making an emotional plea. their message is next. e is next.
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>> it was a tense day in court today for the los angeles county coroner who investigated michael jackson's death as the prosecution used her to set the scene with photos. the defense poked holes in her decision during the investigation. >> would you agree with me that you made substantial number of mistakes in your investigation of this case. >> no. >> would you agree with me if you don't take notes and don't keep your notes that is bad having, that is bad -- bad investigation, bad investigative work. would you agree? >> no. >> fox's hal eisner is live in los angeles with more on what went on in court. thank you for being with us again. priority it and start with the with the cross-examination.
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we know the defense is trying to prove that michael jackson gave him the fatal dose of propofol. how would mistakes to the coroner be linked to the argument? >> i think you could break this into two different things. first of all, mistakes and what drug bottle she may have had or anything like that. certainly could speak to any testimony down the road from experts with regard to -- some issues at hand with regard to his death. when does the issue of reasonable doubt start to play into the mind of jurors? for a defense attorney, it could be on day one if they can start to create reasonable doubt. this is day 8 and they haven't had many people to attack relentlessly as the coroner today. he went after her pictures for instance, she reported early on there was a bottle of propofol
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in a saline bag with a slit in it and that is how the bottle got inside. the picture shows the bottle on top of the bag sitting on it. why didn't she take the picture as it was opposed to how she wanted to frame it up. latex gloves, he pulled out a picture of the room and said i don't see any gloves here, do you? she said that picture doesn't work. how about this one? and the latex gloves were on a chair. so, you know, going after details like that, the big question is will any of that register in the juror'smond and create some doubt about the coroner's investigation and whether it was sloppy enough to not have proved the prosecution case. >> who is on the stand right now? >> right now is a coroner's toxicologist. he has been talking about the autopsy of michael jackson and they have been going through
5:19 pm
all of the different things they found in his stomach and other body parts and his plead. they talked about the lido cape the propofol, 2.6 micrograms in his blood and not exactly sure, laura, how much that is and remember, this stuff does involve after it gets into the system and it's not known to me how much that is relatively speaking. >> back to the coroner now. did you see the faces of the jurors and can you stage any reaction to them from some of the testimony heard today? >> the fact of the matter is that we're watching from a media center about three floors above where the courtroom is. our credentials are being used by our network. it's hard for me to answer a question like. that i can't see them and the cameras in the courtroom. you know, in talking with my colleagues, they have been really, you know, just tuned in to the testimony.
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i would think that they have been like us, taking notes. some of this stuff is scientific. and when you get a defense attorney on the attack and tries to discredit somebody, that gets your attention. >> and any idea who might be on that stand tomorrow in. >> no. there was a point here a few days ago where the judge was not going let the prosecution let us know who is coming up. little leaks at the end of the day. right now, we don't know. >> hal eisner as always, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. in and we want to let you know you can -- . >> and we want to let you know you can stay on top of the trial. the app streams live video from the courtroom and provides expert analysis and commentary. for more you can check out we're following breaking
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news. in the case of the virginia grandmother convicted of first- degree murder. we're throwing her -- for throwing her two-year-old granddaughter off of the walkway at tiso's corner. the jury convicted hear a short time ago and they recommended carmen de la rosa be sentenced to 35 years in prison. again, this is a recommendation. the judge will make the ultimate decision. carmen de la rosa convicted of first-degree murder for throwing her two-year-old granddaughter off of the elevated walkway. formal sentencing is set for january. we're also following a developing story out of california tonight. the police in santa clara county believe they killed the man suspected of opening fire at a quarry yesterday, killing three people and injuring six others. three deputies on patrol found a match who -- a man who matched the description. the officers say he waved a gun and shea hot it him. witnesses say allman got upset during a meeting and returned to the meeting with guns.
5:22 pm
the parents of a missing 10- month-old girl are making a desperate plea for kidnappers to bring the baby home. lisa irwin's parents said they put her in her sleep monday night and she vanished overnight. more than 100 police officers and fbi agents are searching kansas city, missouri area, for her and her parents are devastated. >> she is everything. she has come into our family and me everything to my boys and we -- we need her home. i can't be without her. >> police say the parents have been cooperative and are in the suspects. and seems more and more children are suffering from allergies. tonight, one of the triggers could be a thing of the past. >> and when talking about allergy free peanuts. we'll have more on that story in about 20 minutes. we'll be right back.
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çç&cw. h]k8÷g:3?ox?p÷ x8! >> another absolutely beautiful gorgeous day today.
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>> gorgeous. i wish we could keep the string going. i hope we can keep it going and going. >> yeah. >> and i'll bet it's chilly tonight. i imagine the same thing tonight? >> exactly, exactly. yesterday by my count, i saw three clouds. today, no clouds. >> okay. >> and i was looking. i didn't see any. looks like that is the case. maybe we'll see a few tomorrow. so-so night out there and we start with the vipir system to give you an idea that this big expansionive area of high pressure is keeping -- expansive area of high pressure is keeping the clouds out of here. switch over. o what is coming our way. today 80 degrees and national 82 and we're not in the 80s tomorrow. in the weekend, we get into the 80s and to the central plains, the temperatures in the 80s there and that is beautiful. some of the suburbs tomorrow morning lower 40s with clear skies and light winds.
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again, nothing changed. keep this going for a while. we'll talk about the full forecast coming up. all the numbers you want to see howis in the weekend s. stay with us, though, a few commercials and fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. levin production. i am a face unclogger.
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>> last year in maryland schools, there were more than 3800 reported incidents of bullying. the governor thinks the actual number might be higher because in the all ini is dents are reported. the -- incidents are reported. the governor and his wife are trying to convince students to take a stand against bullying. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: even though maryland requires schools to monitor and to intervene when billing takes place, students tell us that it still happens. particularly cyberbullying on internet sites like form spring
5:31 pm
and tumbler, which allow anonymous postings. students say cruelty is common. >> racial slurs. >> oh, yeah, like why were you wearing this today, what did you think you were doing. >> why are you dating him. >> right, he's doing this, going behind your back and creating unnecessary drama. half of it is not true. >> reporter: those members of maryland's first family are trying to reduce bully. the first lady katie o'malley, who is a judge, recorded a public service announcement aimed at the victims of bullying. >> you need to know there are so many resources out there and people who live you -- love and you want to see you goer further. >> reporter: the governor and judge visited arundel high school and used the language of youth to drive home his point. >> what would happen if we chose to stand up? dude, what would happen if we chose to speak out. >> reporter: the o'malley's joined a group of media executives to encourage students to take a facebook
5:32 pm
online pledge to speak out against bullying, to advocate for those who are victims and to refuse to pass along hateful comments. nationally, nearly 49,000 people have taken the pledge to stop bullying. john ren he han, fox -- john henrehan, fox 5 news. tonight, millions of people are mourning the loss of steve jobs. the man who brought devices like the iphone and ipad. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. apple has not released the official cause of death but the health problems are in the a secret and i think we all know he had a huge impact on our lives from the way we communicate and surf the web and we have our facebook page as no exception.
5:33 pm
look at the comments we received. beth posted her favorite jobs quote. it says i want to make a dent in the universe. steve jobs did way more than make a ding he impacted the entire world. and very few people can leave the earth knowing they left an impact on so many. steve jobs was lucky enough to see the difference he made to awful us. pamela thompson-walker posted that jobs most definitely walked his talk. the time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life. rest in peace, mr. jobs. thank you for sharing your genius with the world. we invite to you come to our facebook page like us and join the conversation. reflect on his life and the legacy he's leaving behind. the man was a pioneer and visionary. >> see you in a bit. >> and steve johnss family has mo -- steve jobs' family has not released the official cause
5:34 pm
of death. his tumor is known as an eyelet cell cars nome a. for more on this, we're -- carsy nome a. for more on this, we're joined by a doctor. thank you for being with us. i don't know if i got that pronunciation correct on. that what is a neuroendocrine tumor and eyelet cell carsinoma? >> it's one of the left common pancreatic cancers and complies to 1% of all the pancreatic cancers and involves the parts of the pancreas that produces various hormones like insulin or other hormones that have to do with bowel movements and disruption in the stomach. >> reporter: understand this is a quote,up quote, curable type of cancer and cured bysurry. we know steve job his surgery and had a liver transplant. why didn't that cure it? >> of the eye let cell tumors,
5:35 pm
they're too tight. the man of them are more forgiving than the regular pancreatic cancers and there is a reasonable prognosis for them to see the 80 or 90% survival for them and for some of the eyelet cell tumors, they can be aggressive too and might be slow growing than the common kinds of cancers but they're not survivable and that is probably the kind that steve jobs h. >> i understand that 80 to 90% survival rates is for five years, correct? >> that's right. >> and when it comes back does that mean it comes back in a aggressive form when it comes back and the prognosis is poor, the case of steve jobs? >> it can number that manner and they spread early for the eyelet jell cell tulors. they can and do spread early to the liver and other places. it's they're more slow growing
5:36 pm
and morep sideous than the -- ensideous than the typical kind of pancreatic cancer and, of course, in a few years, three to seven years or see they can breed. >> what are the warning signs? what kind of pains do you have? >> for any pancreatic cancer, it's typically at some point, it would eventually show as abdominal pain higher up in the abdomen, sometimes pain going to the back. depending on what part of the pancreas. there can be jaundice. the patient may find himself or herself losing weight for no good reason and not being able to eat as well and losing their appetite. jaundice is a more common kind of symptom or sign and depending on where the like of the tumor is. >> and quickly, is there any possible treatment, cure on the horizon for this type of cancer? >> well, surgery is still remaining the treatment for this and it's still localized.
5:37 pm
for eyelet cell tomb tumors, even -- cell tumors, even if it spread, we still consider surgery for the metastatic lesions and then chemotherapy is generally not that effective for eyelet cell tumors. >> all right, thank you for being with us and chatting more live on this. appreciate it. we do have much more on the life and legacy of steve jobs. it's on our website, from his: 00s to technology -- from his contributions to technology and inspirational messages heard around the world and more on the pancreatic cancer that cut his life short. it's down the home page. we'll be right back. back.
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>> in tonight's health alert, a new warn for example people with anemia. patients with the blood
5:41 pm
condition faced an increased risk of complication and death during surgery. that is a deficiency in red blood cells. researchers found patient his a 42% higher death risk and was 35% more likely to experience complication. >> a brand new product being developed could be a life saver for millions of people with peanut allergies. researchers want to create an allergy-free peen nut three years and think they can -- peanut in three years and about 1% of the u.s. population has peanut allergies. another one for the books today. not just adjectives to describe what a great day it was. >> i'm going to think of a couple. beautiful, fabulous, wonderful, tremendous and the list goes on. >> and the full forecast is coming up. and they took on the monumental take of surveying the damage here.
5:42 pm
don't mess our interview. it's been a week on top of the washington monument next. xt.
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5:44 pm
5:45 pm
>> it's a world-class view. the engineers spent a few weeks rappeling down the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. the view of the national mall that the rest of us will probably never see. the crews finished up their second pass of the monument yesterday. the officials are trying to figure out how much money is needed to repair the monument. eric is one of the climbers from wiff jenny associates. >> thank you for being with us. oh, my goodness. first of all, we scared up there? >> you get used to it whole you up there. that is the initial getting out on the wall and that is daunting. once you're out there it's
5:46 pm
like any otherrion and you get into your harness and tighten it up and do it all of the time. >> and what was that like daming from 550 feet in the air? that is obviously a beautiful view. did you enjoy the work? >> absolutely. the entire team wants to do all of these jobs all of the time and to them, we sit there and really we're on the monument and very few people get to do this. we try to take some time to look around and enjoy the view that we had. >> yeah. >> and were you one of the ones who was blown around by the wind? >> i did end up on one of the other elevations when i started. yes. >> was that a hairy moment for you? >> they did spend a lot of time and hours training we are certified to do a lot of this work and had stuff in place. and we are ready for it. >> and what to look for as far
5:47 pm
as earthquake damage. was there any crack that you saw? >> we are engineers and have the background in seismic, you know, events and things and we did have a team in the office that we could talk to. many the cracks we saw were typical engineering you know, and whether that was a older crack or new crack since the earthquake and we could document what we saw and talk to our team later about it. >> uh-huh. >> and i'm going to take a wild guess that climbing or rappeling is a lobby of yours and that is to colpipe work? >> absolutely. >> have you been climbing for a long time in. >> i do. not as much as in the buildings around the area and that is what ioic to do when i can. >> do you get hazard pay for this? >> and we get nice sitters once in awhile. >> no hazard pay? >> no. >> interesting. >> what are you climbing next?
5:48 pm
>> the next local like is the cathedral, the national cathedral. we should be there the week of the 17th. >> how long that take? >> no longer than a week. with weather and everything else we have to wait and see how that goes. >> they have scaffolding there and are you going to dangle like on the monument? >> the two west towers. we're looking to inspect those and to get them colored and the entrance pushed back for the people to get in there judge and good work out there and appreciate you joining us. it was fun to watch you up there and not as fun as it was for to you be it up there. >> thank you. >> you can cute on the aftermath of the east coast earthquake. go to for a photo gallery of the washington monument damage and the latest on all of the repairs. that is under hot topics. college much fun as we had, i bet you would prefer being there this week opposed to when he was up there.
5:49 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> the wind was there. >> today is perfect to do anything. >> yeah. >> if you stayed indoors today. >> you missed out? >> yeah, and at least tomorrow is going to be good and on saturday. >> we like the high pressure around here, don't we? >> high pressure is the good stuff. there is clean high pressure and dirty high pressure. we have the clean now. that is why when you look at them towards the cathedral, you don't see any clouds and didn't see any today. there might be one or more, literally one or two in places and that is going to be as nice and check on the temperatures as we told you and cooler than it was yesterday. i have seen a high pressure of 68 degrees and getting up to 69 or 70. you get the idea. most everyone in the upper 60s to around 70s. fredericksburg, you guys, 70 degrees and culpeper, 70
5:50 pm
degrees. monasses not coming in. a inspect lis with 65 new and leonardtown -- annapolis, 65 new and leonardtown, slightly cooler by the water. gorgeous out there by the evening, sweater weather later o. we're going to be in the mid- 60s or so 7:00, upper 50s at 11:00 and that is in up to in the suburbs by 10, 11:00 and you're dropping into the lower 50s and this is what laura said, we love high pressure and that big jet stream through the atmosphere and sometimes the high at the low levels and we have it at the low levels and the high levels. you have a big car of singing air on top of us okay and this is that area of high pressure now and the good news it's strong and is going to hang in place the next few days and into next week, we watched the high pressure breaking down and we're seeing a system coming up from the south, from florida and looks like it's bringing up
5:51 pm
a helicopter of some rain get into this middle part of next week and that is shining all weekend long and is going to be sunny. we're talking warmer temperatures, too, upper 70s and to lower 80s into the weekend and speaking of the weekend, plenty of sunshine here. 77 on is the, nothing's changed there and sunday, 81 degrees for a high temperature and i think on sunday, some of the southern neighbors and southwestern neighborhoods, 83 to 84 degrees on sunday afternoon. very, very nice. clear overnight tonight, low 40s in the suburbs around 50 here intown and -- in up to. tomorrow morning, 53, and 40s hanging out in the suburbs. sunny at 91 and sunny at 5 and by the way, i put one cloud in there for tomorrow afternoon. stays nice the next few days. haven't changed anything here. sunny and dry and getting warmer each day by tuesday.
5:52 pm
of next week. we'll see, looks like clouds are coming up from the south. we'll hold the rain off for now on tuesday and that does look like by the middle part of next week we'll have a few showers. >> and working on. >> you're going to need to work on that. >> really? >> yeah. >> we'll have plenty of time to work on that. >> thank you. >> and let's check in with brian for the news edge at 6. and a jury comments a sentence for a virginia woman convicted in the murder of her granddaughter. and the wall street protests have spread to d.c. we'll take to you a rally that has brought hundreds to the nation's capitol. and senate democrats pushing for a millionaire's surtax. that is part of the president's jobs bill. but is he on board? the answer on the news edge.
5:53 pm
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>> it's time for a special thursday edition of the fox 5 game of the week and that is early this week in observance of the yom kapur. einstein versus watkins mill got the vote. lindsay murphy has more from gaithersburg. >> reporter: good evening, shawn from watkinsville high school. it's more tame than a normal friday football game, who we got a good matchup. 2-3 watkins mill, and both times are coming off of wins. -- teams are coming off of the wins. we start with the home team. i like to introduce kevin watson. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and your team is coming off of a lead off of rockville. >> especially after tough losses and do forget a win last week is good for the team this week. >> and you had three losses this season a total of 13 points and seems one way or another, you could be 5-0. and what is the biggest difference?
5:57 pm
>> just finishing games and so forth. -- . >> what are the keys for a watkinsville victory? >> in the room. >> okay. >> yup. >> best of luck, coach, thank you. i would like to welcome the head coach. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> and i spoke with you. this is your first year. you kind of got a tall task. there is not a winning record since 1998, and you're the man to do it, right? >> and the transition coming in and we try to get the gossip by into the summer programs and will it translate to the field? it has and we'll keep going game-by-game. >> 3-2 at this point and i know you said the confidence. no one wants to get too ahead of themselves. >> absolutely. we'll take it one-by-1 and the highest level during the weekend. we see what we can do and that is all we ask and have had some
5:58 pm
good results. >> reporter: what is it like when they play? >> -- and had some tough bales. they're a fast time -- tough battles. they're a fast team. >> you still expect a friday night atmosphere? >> absolutely. absolutely. any time between the lines. >> and i appreciate it, best of luck coach. >> thank you very much. >> this game is taking off at 6:30 and have the game-of-the- week highlights at 10:00 and we have one quick programming note for those of you fans of acc football. on fox 5 this saturday, we have a great tilt, florida state playing at wake forest and that game is kicking off at 12:30 here on fox 5. and that is all for right now from game-of-the- week, see you at 6:00. >> thank you very much. and thank you for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. now.
5:59 pm
occupying the nation's capitol. wall street protest started in new york and spread to d.c. and other parts of the country. plus, a millionaire surtax is pushed by senate democrats gets a big endorsement. and remembering steve jobs. we examine his lasting legacy as apple trying to move forward without the leader. >> beginning with a developing story out of virginia. a woman who tossed her two-year- old granddaughter off of a pedestrian bridge in tyson's corner is convicted of first degree murder. is merrily is live from fairfax with the late -- sherri ly is live from fairfax with the latest. >> reporter: it took the jury six hours to come to that conclusion, guilty of first- degree murder for carmela de la rosa and took a helpful hour for them to come up with the sentence. they recommended 35 years in prison for killing her own granddaughter. de la rosa's daughter and husband left the courthouse with family after the jury's sentence recommending a. the


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